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I’m Zoe, a mother and aspiring doula from Norfolk, UK. Here you will find little tidbits of my life as I navigate this new journey. Some parts may be very personal, some may be a little upsetting, and some will (hopefully) make you laugh along with me. Please get in touch if you ever have any questions

Welcome, and thank you

Doulas are born, not made … it is about coming to terms with the fact that doula is not what you do, it’s who you are

Maddie McMahon ‘Why Doulas Matter’

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Birth Bias Series: Age

The term ‘young parent’ in the UK means anyone aged 25 or younger, whereas when we’re talking about anyone aged 35 and older, the term ‘geriatric parent’ is used. An average a cisgender woman will start their period at the age of 12, and will start menopause at the age of 51. So despite being… Continue reading Birth Bias Series: Age

Birth Bias Series: Weight

I’m going to preface this by saying a couple of things. Firstly all names with an asterisk (*) have been changed to protect the privacy of the wonderful women who shared their stories with me. Secondly, the overwhelming response I had when asking women to share their experiences with me was almost heartbreaking. This isn’t… Continue reading Birth Bias Series: Weight

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